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Attivo Networks: Creating a New Market Deceptively Difficult

Network breaches continue to be the bane of companies in all industries. Attivo Networks turns the tables on hackers by deceiving them into believing they are attacking actual data assets, when in fact they are focused on decoys.

A great concept, but one that initially gained little interest. Over three years, UPRAISE changed all this.


The goal of our engagement with Attivo was to simultaneously evaluate awareness for Deception Technology while also dramatically increasing the company’s public profile to successfully compete with several very aggressive competitors. This was a race to the top of an emerging category of cybersecurity.


Our strategy included rolling out a series of aggressive campaigns including frequent press releases, contributed articles, ongoing rapid response to breaches and news, industry analyst relations, and social media. We maintained relationships with approximately 30 analysts at Gartner alone. We focused on staying ahead of the news and continuously expanding the universe of influencers with whom we build relationships.


One example of results is media coverage earned for funding announcements. Attivo’s A round earned an anemic three articles; the C round we announced in October 2017 earned more than 35 articles. Gartner also named Deception Technology a “Top 10 Technology to Watch” in 2017.

Analysis of results revealed that Attivo consistently earned awareness on par with a much larger competitor with a significantly larger marketing budget. Here's a look at some of the notable coverage:

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Since Black Hat is in Las Vegas every year, UPRAISE contacted the local Fox station on behalf of Attivo Networks to offer insights into some of the key cybersecurity issues being discussed at the conference. With the large influx of cybersecurity professionals in town for the show, Attivo was able to reach their core audience via local broadcast.


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