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We’ll come to you with
new ideas and avoid
the herd mentality.


We know how to
excite your key
audiences and get them
energized about you.


We keep at it until
we earn the results
you deserve.

Come on Down



Our work in everything from media relations to content marketing, social media,
design, and speaking and events, has earned industry kudos.
Some of our most recent recognition includes:



We create integrated campaigns that move the needle on lead generation, brand building and awareness.

    Great media coverage starts with an intimate understanding of your business. By knowing everything from your launch date to the color of your socks, we are able to develop creative, impactful stories that resonate with your audiences and stakeholders.
    Content is king, and we wear the crown. Whether it’s a press release, white paper, case study or other kind of content, count on UPRAISE word nerds to deliver crisp, impactful content that sells your products, markets your services and supports your brand.
    Can you tell your story in 140 characters? Our team can. We recommend the optimal social media presence, integrate social media with traditional media relations outreach and manage your online presence to raise your profile across the social platforms that make the most sense for your brand.
    Nothing gets the attention of your customers, prospects, media and investors like strong creative design. Whether it’s a new website and collateral system, or a refresh of your existing brand, UPRAISE combines crisp writing, creative (not stock) images and inspiring design to tell your story.
    Do you have visions of being a star on the big screen? How about the little screen? UPRAISE integrates modern, professional video to bring your story to life. And because many editors look at video versus reading press releases, cool video can be the difference between outstanding and just OK media coverage.
    Did you ever wonder why some other guy is on the conference stage speaking on a topic you know better than he does? Good question. UPRAISE will put you front and center at that next conference and move the other guy back into the audience.


  • Roberta Achtenberg
    Bank of San Francisco
  • John Marshall
    Serial CMO
  • Allison Romero
    Plug and Play Tech Center


  • Bank of San Fransicso
    We updated the look of Bank of San Francisco's website and invented a new tagline: With You When It Matters
  • LILEE Systems
    Biting Off the Whole Enchilada
  • Clover
    Building the Clover Brand through Awards Recognition
  • Raphael House
    Helping San Francisco’s Largest Family Homeless Shelter Raise Record Funds
  • Stellium
    Shedding light on the scourge that is child trafficking
  • FoldiMate
    Simplifying the Most Dreaded Chore
  • Humane Society Silicon Valley
    55 million was a number on HSSV’s mind. Not the number of pets it sheltered, but the size of the capital campaign it planned to begin...
  • runtastic
    Clever Contests Help New App Catch Up


UPRAISE is a marketing and public relations agency driven to help organizations grow and build their brands through integrated campaigns that include energized media and analyst relations, compelling content, engaging digital and social media, captivating design and video, and breakthrough events.

We think big before we think small. We look at a client’s overall business plan and marketing program before we execute the day-to-day to ensure messages are consistent and differentiating, we’re telling a story that resonates and we’re positioning ahead of the market. And we make sure we’re using the best tools available to plan, create and analyze content.

If you want “yes men” and “yes women,” you’ve come to the wrong place. We frequently challenge our clients. One client came to us asking for an aggressive media relations campaign. One look at their website made us realize that we had to begin there. After redesigning and rewriting their website – repositioning the company in the process – we then rolled out their media relations campaign, which earned great results, by the way.

Another client brought us a tsunami of content to rewrite, with the sales team screaming for more. We first stepped back and created graphic standards to ensure the final content reflected the company’s brand and key messages. We also guided the client and ensured there was content designed to reduce the sales cycle at each stage of the sales pipeline. You get the picture.

If you’re looking for an agency that thinks big, but sweats the details, you’ve come to the right place!


Victoria Guimarin

Account Director

Looking for an updated website, a new social media strategy or to speak at that conference that seems out of reach? Victoria’s the one to make it happen. She has close to 10 years experience positioning clients and building great brands.

Tim Johnson


The expert in all things PR, Tim’s career spans more than three decades. He climbed the corporate ladder at big agencies – and although he remembers the days of press releases printed on real paper, founding UPRAISE was Tim’s way to escape the antiquated corporate structure and strategies, and flex his entrepreneurial muscles.

Ari Brosowsky

Account Director

When you need a strong launch strategy, punch around a trade show, pitch a skeptical editor, Ari’s your guy. With nearly 10 years of experience in media relations, writing, and event planning, Ari can navigate through the issues and generate results that sell products and build brands.

How We Give Back

Our community.

As a boutique agency in the heart of San Francisco, we care about the wellbeing of our community. Having witnessed the many changes the Bay Area has gone through, we were inspired to find meaningful ways to give back. UPRAISE is currently supporting several Black Girls Code initiatives designed to increase the number of women of color in the digital space. We have developed a philanthropy initiative where we partner with local nonprofits, providing pro bono PR and marketing services for three months. Prior to the end of the engagement, we provide the organization with the needed materials and resources so that they may continue the PR program going forward.

At the beginning of each quarter, team members vote on the organization they would like to partner with for the coming months. We hold initial calls with the organization and provide a PR plan to kick off our engagement.

If you are a nonprofit looking for PR and marketing resources and would like to be considered for our philanthropy initiative, please contact us.


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