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Lessons Learned From A Rhetoric And Media Studies Major

First, I should explain how I ended up at UPRAISE. I graduated college this past spring, and like most recent graduates, the search was on to figure out what came next. A job? Graduate school? Travel? Move back home? Nothing? So many options! With a

Is Media Objectivity a Reality, Fallacy or Both?

As I was doing errands one Sunday in February, I heard an NPR piece on the radio that covered the firing of Lewis Wallace, an editor at Marketplace, who posted on his personal blog, “Objectivity is dead and I’m OK with it.” Taken both by

7 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

We’ve all been there. Two minutes into writing you can feel it start to happen – the dreaded writer’s block. As PR professionals, this is something that comes about less frequently, but when it does, it can definitely throw a wrench in your day. Here