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Transform Your Brand into a Digital Powerhouse Using Cross-Promotion

We’ve all heard how powerful of a tool social media has become for modern businesses. Furthermore, it’s no secret that it serves as an integral segment of a company’s marketing efforts in terms of its ability to allow brands to showcase the magnitude and potential

Holiday Gift Guide Pitching Starts in the Summer

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with loved ones — and also a time to shower them in gifts. This year, consumers are expected to spend an average of over $1000 during the winter holiday season, up 4.1% from last year. For B2C

5 Ways to Maintain Consistent and Relevant Branding

The average person encounters a minimum of 4000 brands on a daily basis, according to Forbes. To make matters worse, 4000 is on the low end of the scale, and it’s not uncommon for consumers to face more than double that amount. Focusing on brand

Launching a Product in August: Using Summer to your Advantage

When a new product is in the making and getting closer to completion, the question often asked to marketers is “When is the best time of year to launch and gain the most exposure?” Many believe that launching around the industry’s largest trade show or