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How to Prepare Your Marketing Program for a Recession

Is a recession imminent or not? The Fed has cut interest rates, and here and there, our clients report softening among their prospects and channel partners, both in terms of closing deals and lengthening of the pipeline. On the other hand, the Dow reached an

PR & Marketing Industry Terms You Should Know

Our industry is full of terms and phrases that may sound like random jargon from an outsider’s perspective. Below are common PR terms in context and untangled to help you get your bearings if you’re just starting out in the industry.  Backlink A link that one website

Are Press Conferences Still Relevant? 4 Alternatives to Consider

The goal of hosting a press conference is to gain the attention of editors, reporters and photographers and communicate your company’s message regarding a new product or service. But, are they still relevant? Technology is replacing many of our necessary face-to-face interactions and press conferences

How to Measure the Return on Your Instagram Investment

In part one of our Instagram series, we covered the best strategies for increasing brand awareness on Instagram. Now I’d like to discuss how to prove whether or not your strategy is working by measuring your Instagram ROI. Related Post: Increasing Your Company’s Brand Awareness on