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Are Press Releases Dead?

For more than 100 years, press releases have been a valuable communication tool that allow PR professionals to quickly and efficiently convey information to the media. In today’s ever-evolving world of communication, the state of the press release is constantly changing. But are press releases

When Are Paid Media Opportunities Worth the Cost?

Paid, owned and earned media are used every day by public relations and marketing professionals, but while owned and earned media are free, is paid media worth the cost? When is it worth spending money? Will there be a high ROI if the money is

Making the Most Out of Your Earned Media Coverage

Whether it’s an article or review, earned media coverage can go a lot further than you think. It’s important to repurpose this coverage in multiple ways to get the most out of your hard work! Here are some ways to start: Social Media The most common way

Seven Tips to Earning High-Quality Tier 1 Media Coverage

Many companies come to us with one request, “Get us in TechCrunch!” I sometimes wonder if they’ve all hired the same consultant who has told them to ask for this. But this request raises the question more generally of how companies should gain coverage in