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How to Execute a Successful Online Advertising Campaign

Online advertising is an easy way for businesses, both small and large, to raise awareness of their brand and increase traffic to their website. Both social media and search engines have become platforms where you need to pay to play - organic content doesn't have...

Importance of C-level Execs Having an Online Presence

Today, organizations of all types have an online presence, small to large, and whether a product company, service company or non-profit. One part of “presence” that is often overlooked is the presence of senior execs – not just the CEO, but CSO, CMO, CIO, and...

Why You Need an Integrated Public Relations and Marketing Strategy

It takes two to tango. – My Mom It takes two! Businesses tend to underestimate the need for a public relations program or a marketing strategy, but in reality, you really need both to succeed. In this blog post, I’ll lay out why a business needs...

Putting the “Fun” in “Fun Event”

We're not a regular public relations agency, we're a fun public relations agency.  One of the quotes often heard in the office is “we work hard and play hard in the Bay Area.” Each quarter we take a break from pitching media, redesigning websites, and drafting social...

Lessons Learned From A Rhetoric And Media Studies Major 1

Lessons Learned From A Rhetoric And Media Studies Major

First, I should explain how I ended up at UPRAISE. I graduated college this past spring, and like most recent graduates, the search was on to figure out what came next. A job? Graduate school? Travel? Move back home? Nothing? So many options! With a...