4 Reasons You Should Work For a Small Agency


small agency team members working at deskIn San Francisco, giant tech companies like Google or Facebook lure optimistic graduates every day. But working for a behemoth company might not be the best career path for everyone. Small companies boast many benefits. Small agencies are like tiny incubators that nurture and grow new employees and provide flexibility for seasoned workers. If working for a large corporation doesn’t appeal to you, here are four reasons to consider working for a small agency:

Less Bureaucracy

Employees have to jump through many hoops in large agencies before work is approved and decisions can be made. Interns and entry-level employees must filter work through managers, supervisors, directors and CEOs. Decisions and deliverables can be made quickly and efficiently at a small agency. Big companies are also often criticized for office politics that many people find difficult to navigate. Small companies can have office politics too, but generally less so than larger firms.

More Flexibility

Large agencies have generally been around for decades and stick to a predictable business model with a proven track record of success. Traditional systems deliver consistent results, but leave little room for revolutionary ideas. On the other hand, small agencies tend to be more forward-thinking and less strapped to business traditions of the past. This flexible mentality allows small agencies to grow and change to meet the needs of employees and clients.

Smaller Group, Closer Relationships

Small agencies give employees the advantage of forming tight-knit relationships with coworkers. Working in close quarters means you work with just about everyone on a daily basis; unlike larger agencies where employees are divided by departments and office floors. This sense of community creates more open internal communication dynamics.

Jack-of-all-trades Mentality

Employees at small companies tend to wear many hats and participate in diverse work experiences. Entry-level employees can explore career interests instead of being limited to one job role. It gives them access to important projects earlier in their career. They’ll likely have more responsibility and input into decisions than they would at a large corporate office. In this environment, each individual’s role is crucial and highly valued.

If you’re looking for a new job, why not consider working for a small agency and enjoy the benefits above? Let us know if we missed any benefits in the comments below!

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