PR and Marketing Newsletters You’ll Actually Want To Read

By Lauren Haller

We know, we know. The last thing you want is more emails. But how many emails do you get that don’t add any value to your inbox or your life? If you can name more than a few, it may be time to unsubscribe and sign up for these marketing newsletters instead, which you’ll actually learn from and enjoy reading.

The Best PR and Marketing Newsletters

Screen Shot of Ragan's PR and marketing newslettersPR Daily

The PR Daily newsletter includes carefully curated content by top talent in the PR industry. You can always expect articles on marketing and PR best practices and case studies to keep you on your toes and at the top of your game. Take your pick from the Ragan’s suite of PR and marketing newsletters, with daily, weekly and monthly delivery options.

Daily ‘Dog

This treasure chest of PR news is put out by Bulldog Reporter/Agility PR and packed with PR and content marketing tips and a taste of industry news. There is a daily option and a weekly option if daily is too much to keep up with.


This one really isn’t a newsletter, per se, but the content is too good to pass up. And it’s customized to your interests. Sign up for HubSpot email updates for the best marketing content, tips, case studies, examples and more. The folks at HubSpot live and breathe content on the daily, so it’s no surprise that their own content is superb.

Spin Sucks

Want to build brand awareness, rock SEO and public relations, and use your content marketing to generate leads? The Spin Sucks newsletter has all of the tips and tricks to learn how to do so.

Bonus: Our Favorite Business Newsletter

Morning Brew business and marketing newsletters logo

Morning Brew

If you’re familiar with TheSkimm, the Morning Brew could be considered the business version of this easy read. By signing up for the Morning Brew, you’ll start your day with a few laughs, a few gasps, and all of the business news you need to avoid reading 15 different publications and spark conversations all day. Still hesitant? Preview their latest email here.

Do you have any favorites to add? Let us know in the comments below!
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