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4 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel – Without Paid Ads


YouTube hosts over 2 billion logged-in users every month. That’s close to 1/3 of the internet. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of this opportunity whether you’re seeking more subscribers or debating whether to start a channel. 

1. Keyword Research

This is one of the most important steps to bring viewers to your channel. To get them to find your videos from the search results, you need to identify keywords that have decent search volume, but with less competition. For example, if you’re making a video about financial tips and use that as your keyword phrase, you might be buried beneath the results. Try other similar phrases that people search for, but not as much as financial tips. It could be “Financial Opportunities” or “Financial Planning for Millennials.” A popular service that makes this research easy is TubeBuddy’s keyword explorer (pictured below). Once you find the perfect keyword, it would be best to create a video based off of that so you’re at the top of the search results. 

2. Be Consistent

If your goal is to get more subscribers, you’ll need to upload regularly to keep them interested. Making videos is a skill and it can only be perfected with consistent practice. You’ll get better at prepping, filming, and editing so everything will become more efficient and effective. Uploading videos more frequently also works in your favor when it comes to YouTube’s algorithm. Remember, consistency doesn’t just apply to uploading videos, you’re creating a brand for yourself! Use the same intro and outro and make sure your social media handles are always promoted. Popular YouTubers also have thumbnails that fit with their brands’ aesthetic. Be careful not to be too click baity when it comes to this. 

3. Stay Organized

There’s a lot of different parts to keep a YouTube channel running, don’t let one slip your mind. Have a plan for pre-recording, post-recording, and post-publishing. Keep track of the content you want to film one place with the keyword research already done. Have your script or talking points laid out and include anything important like a shout out to Patreons or an exciting announcement. Once you’re done filming, have a checklist ready for editing like inserting cards around the time of your audience retention so it prompts another video before they get bored elongating their session time. When it’s live on your channel, be certain about how you’re going to promote it. Once some time has passed, log the analytics! This is essential to channel growth. It’s especially important to keep an eye on your watch time and retention time. If a user is spending the majority of their session on YouTube watching your videos, YouTube will keep recommending your videos to them. YouTube’s ultimate goal is to supply an endless amount of content so viewers can keep watching the ads that come in between. This is why it’s important to upload consistently so the content stream doesn’t end. To maximize this further, create playlists so users that watch one video can be prompted to watch a whole category of your videos back to back. It also makes it easier to navigate your channel based on different interests. 

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4. Don’t Be a Stranger!

Collaborating can be a win-win for everyone involved. It might seem counterproductive to work with your “competitor,” but it works out really well to have a YouTube partner! They can get your videos in front of new people, they can share some tips behind the scenes, and you can inspire one another for future content. Be open to interviewing someone or even a group of people. If you end up making a video about millennials and finance, find some financial advisors and/or millennials to give their tidbit on the topic. Most importantly, don’t forget your fans! They are the driving force behind your channel growth. Acknowledge them, answer questions they have, hold live sessions or giveaways, etc. Let them how much you appreciate the time they take to watch and engage with your videos!

Channel growth won’t happen in a matter of days. The only tip that requires no action is having patience. As long as you put the time and effort in, the results will eventually show. But don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking to develop a social media marketing strategy. 

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