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7 Steps to Creating Better Emails


The most common form of communication within a business setting is an email. It’s something we do every single day whether it’s to send a simple note or make a more complicated request, we are always emailing. No matter how big or small the message, it’s always important that the email that is being sent carries the message across in the way it’s intended to. 

While emailing has become a daily task, it’s easy to forget the necessary steps that should be taken when sending an email. Here are a few tips to help you  create and send great emails.

1. State the Call To Action

When writing emails, it’s important that there is a call to action that is clearly stated within the message. The person who is getting the email should know exactly what the message is and why they’re getting it. There’s always a purpose when sending an  email out, so keep that purpose in mind when drafting. 

2. Use a Specific Subject Line 

The subject line is the first thing people will see as they’re going through their inbox. Remember that most people have extremely full inboxes, so in order to grasp their attention and ensure the email is opened, the subject line needs to be catchy and right to the point. The reader needs to have a clear vision of what they’re about to open. If the subject line isn’t enticing enough or too generic, it can also deter the recipient from opening the email. It’s always a good idea to draft the whole email first and craft the subject line last.  

3. Don’t Make People Do Work

If the purpose of the email is to ask for something, then be sure to do all the necessary research so the person on the receiving end doesn’t have much to do. Be detailed and explain exactly what’s needed. Remember what the purpose of the email is and include everything they may need in order to service the request.

4. Get to the Point

No one wants to read paragraphs and paragraphs, especially during their busy days. While the email can be detailed and explain everything, it’s important to get to the point as soon as possible. Don’t make them read until the very end to find out what the intention of the email is. Short, simple and straight to the point is always best.

5. Email Etiquette

Just like writing a letter, it’s always good to format emails in the correct way. A greeting, body paragraph and conclusion is a good format to follow when sending emails. Make sure to maintain business etiquette by always doing a final pass to check for possible grammar and punctuation errors. 

6. Personalize It

It’s never a bad idea to research whoever is receiving the email so that it can be personalized. If it’s already being sent to someone familiar, be friendly and add a personal touch to it. Always address the email with the recipient’s preferred name and ensure the information they’re receiving is catered to their interests and needs.     

7. Make Sure It’s Relevant

This goes hand in hand with doing all the necessary research on who is receiving the email. In order for them to open it and respond to your request, the email needs to be relevant to them. If you’re sending a cold email, and you’re unsure if you have exactly the right contact, it’s helpful to send a general email asking to be connected to the correct person, should the recipient not be the best point of contact for your request. This will help save time for both  the sender and receiver.

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