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PR Solutions in Cybersecurity: RSA Conference 2024

The RSA conference is one of the most important cybersecurity events of the year. 

It showcases the technology of many leading companies in the industry. The use of AI will be a significant focus at RSA 2024. Featured industries include Advanced MSS/MDR, Authentication, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Privacy, Deception-Based Security, Encryption and many more. 

UPRAISE provides PR services to cybersecurity companies. In the following sections, we explore how we help companies shape branding, gain publicity, generate leads and communicate the value of their products/services. 

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Publicity and Story Placement for Cybersecurity Companies   

Awareness is the first step in attracting new customers, whether B2B or B2C. Your target audience needs to know about your product, why it’s valuable and how you fit into their vendor ecosystem on a value-added basis. 

Events like RSA 2024 give companies a chance to meet with qualified buyers, foster vital personal relationships with decision-makers and provide compelling, in-person demos. 

The value of supplemental PR and marketing exists in its ability to project messaging through mediums that reach an audience online and in honing the narrative and story to appeal to target audiences. 

Virtually every company has the potential to need cybersecurity for compliance, data protection and risk management. Thus, cybersecurity providers stand to gain a lot by leveraging their products across numerous industries. 

This may require utilizing widespread connections with journalists on cybersecurity-related topics to place news that educates and informs the public about specific services. The value-added aspect is that it takes advantage of the key connections in media realms that PR firms have often spent years building. 

When we talk about building a narrative, this means telling the story about a company, the development of its products, the usefulness of its products to consumers, etc. Readers and viewers often find a story format more compelling. 

Marketing Authentic Value in Cybersecurity Technology 

PR is much more effective when marketing based on a company’s authentic value. We can help manage PR crisis communications to guide companies toward a better outcome than they might have otherwise experienced when something goes wrong. 

However, PR is strongest when it can publicize a company’s inherent strengths and value propositions. In this, we’re looking for key points that relate to the following: 

  • New technology that enhances security
  • Technology that accounts for new security challenges 
  • Proven useful implementations of AI in cybersecurity
  • The ease of onboarding/implementing a new platform/system
  • The security record of the company’s clients
  • The detection of attempts at security breaches 
  • Features that streamline documentation for compliance purposes 
  • Inspirational stories that involve technological breakthroughs
  • Inspirational stories that involve startup successes  

It also helps to identify what features your customers find most useful and document details about them. Those features can be used to market to other similar clients. 

Aside from the technological aspect, most successful attacks now involve social engineering. So, another point of value is that companies have plans to avoid giving out sensitive security access information and to detect when unauthorized users may be trying to access confidential information.  

From Cybersecurity Features to Stories 

When building a brand, we aim to develop stories around new products. 

Press releases are necessary to announce new technology and updates, and doing this correctly requires some experience and nuance to maximize its impact. However, additional amplification and storytelling are usually needed to capture consumers’ attention.  

Aside from the notion of security being sold, in a way, cybersecurity companies are selling an overall experience. This has to do with a few of the issues mentioned above, such as the ease of onboarding, the positive sentiments associated with having a secure network, the streamlined system that the software provides, the idea of receiving accolades in one’s position as a result of having integrated successful security solutions, etc.

These often work well in the format of test cases, which may work a bit like testimonials, but go into further detail about a client’s step-by-step experience in onboarding and using a product. 

This can also be explored for different target markets. One of the natural advantages of cloud security systems is that they are just as accessible to solopreneurs as they are to large corporations. Cloud and SaaS models with a pay-as-you-go system make billing easy and allow customers to expand services affordably in proportion to their company’s organic expansion. 

Features like this and others that make life easier for customers, solve their problems, significantly reduce liability, and are trustworthy are much easier for them to champion to one another internally when decisions are being made about who to work with to protect their data.

The question of marketing to different verticals often means several things. On the one hand, cloud companies may need to associate their service with work done by the many freelancers out there who may be willing to pay nominal subscriptions. On the other hand, it needs to be a seriously secure and robust product suite when it comes to enterprise solutions, and this demographic may also expect a different marketing approach. This may require approaching different publication mediums. The niche interests of decision-makers at large companies are often not high-volume searches, yet they can be extremely valuable.   

PR Solutions for Cybersecurity Companies 

Take a look below and let us know if we might be able to help you out with any of the following or with other services

  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Media & Analyst Relations 
  • Awards & Listings
  • Content Development 
  • Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation
  • Speaking & Conferences 
  • Social Media
  • Website & Graphic Design

We’ll assess your situation, consider your needs and get started on a plan to generate new business.

RSA Conference 2024

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