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Key B2B Marketing Trends that Will Impact 2022 and Beyond

As unforeseen changes unfold in the marketplace, marketing trends and strategies continue to shift rapidly in the business-to-business (B2B). To strengthen your B2B strategy, marketers need to remain agile and allow initiatives to evolve. Below, we’ve highlighted five B2B trends that we at UPRAISE think will continue to impact 2022 and beyond.

New Priorities and Challenges Have Emerged 

As the world changed over the past two years, so did B2B marketing. New challenges and priorities have presented themselves as marketers adapt to different ways of working and interacting with customers. Innovation has become a more significant focus as businesses aim to elevate customer experiences. More digital-first experiences emerged to engage customers in their homes. Digital outreach and engagement are on the rise, and so are budget allocations for these avenues.

Marketing Ramps Up as Customers Go Digital  

While the use of digital engagement strategies has been increasing for quite some time, the pandemic accelerated this shift. Customer behavior is changing at a faster pace, and dynamic messaging is incredibly important. Cross-channel strategies are key and offer a more sophisticated way to reach target audiences. Video content and digital events are two key channels that have increased in value, and we expect this trend to continue for years to come.

Marketing and Collaboration are Everywhere 

For many, the pandemic has permanently changed where and how they work and collaborate. Remote work and more flexible schedules are becoming more commonplace. A distributed workforce has driven a need for quicker and easier ways to align as a team and share significant results through video conferencing and instant messaging. These shifts have also had consequences on the customer journey. Today, customer-centric experiences should be at the core of an effective marketing strategy.

The Rising Importance of Data

While data has always been essential for success, recent shifts in the marketplace have changed how we approach data and the number of data sources marketers use. Data-driven marketing empowers leaders and can help create more relevant customer experiences. This can also increase customer engagement, as your messages will be more relevant to your customer’s needs, and they will be more likely to share and engage with your content.

Metrics and KPIs Continue to Evolve 

Metrics and KPIs have become more valuable to B2B marketers as they measure campaign success in a new environment. Marketers are using these metrics in more strategic ways to increase revenue. By understanding KPIs, marketers can better deliver the trusted, personalized engagement that customers expect. They can provide critical insights that help you better plan for future campaigns, differentiate your organization from your competition and drive growth for your business.


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