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Coronavirus Contingency Plan: How to Launch a Product Now That Your Conference is Cancelled

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If 2020 has taught business leaders anything, it’s that anything and everything can change in an instant so it’s important that your plans adjust with the times. One area hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic are events and conferences. According to Bloomberg, more than 50 major corporate events have been cancelled due to the virus.

For many businesses, a canceled event can be a major setback if they are planning on launching or demoing a new product at the show. However, if the leaders at your business are prepared for unforeseen circumstances and are open to new ideas, there are steps that can be taken to successfully launch a product now that your conference is canceled.

The Show Must Go On(line)

Two of the greatest benefits of in-person events are lead generation and live product demonstrations. Unfortunately, as most in-person events have been canceled, the next best option for showing off your product is to do so virtually either through another event that has moved online or via webinar. Both options have lead generating abilities and give you the best possible resource to demonstrate your new product. Just make sure your video and audio quality are as high-quality as possible. 

Keep Your PR Team in the Loop

Even if a global crisis isn’t taking place, it’s vital to keep your public relations team in the loop. However, with everyone working remotely, communication between marketing, executives, and PR needs to be increased significantly in the build-up to launch. Unless your company is named Apple, most reporters will need convincing to drop everything and cover your announcement. Give your PR team the best chance to be successful by giving them enough time to develop a creative narrative around your product that will catch reporters attention.

Read UPRAISE’s case studies to learn about some of our most successful product launches. 

Giving PR enough time to develop a plan will also allow the team to create buzz leading up to the launch through the release of case studies, white papers, blogs, and social media posts that highlight the company’s role as a thought leader on topics surrounding the product’s capabilities.

Create High-Quality Visuals that can be Shared Easily

No matter what type of product you are launching, having high-quality videos and photos is a must. These types of materials can be easily shared across social and email and help give the story a more complete feel and should be enticing to a journalist who wants clicks on their article. It’s also important to create spec sheets, info pages and other easily digested materials that can be shared with customers and journalists.

There are so many activities that can be undertaken in the event of a canceled conference – paid social, webinars, and increased advertising are just a few. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you launch your product and build a lead funnel through creative marketing and communications initiatives.

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