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Telecomm Industry Innovation and PR in 2024: NAB Conference

The 2024 NAB Telecomm conference features many innovations catering to content creators, the software and entertainment industries, companies integrating hybrid cloud systems and others. 

Just for starters, this year, it showcases how to help organizations: 

  • Maximize the coverage and speed of 5g 
  • Expand the application of IOT devices
  • Streamline their workflows and analyze data securely with AI 
  • Integrate hybrid cloud database systems
  • Pick up new production gear and software tailored for content creators and production networks 
  • Introduce content management and automation systems 
  • And find augmented hardware for enhanced processing speed in creative endeavors. 

In the following sections, we cover some of these new integrations and provide a few insights into how PR can help companies in the Telecommunications industry attract eyes to initiate lucrative strategic business relationships with valuable and growing new partners. 

Please reach out if you have questions about how PR can plug into your organization and help fuel growth. 

The following sections provide a bit more insight into how we see some of the customers who will be deeply interested in what will be on show at NAB 2024.  

AI for Analysis, Security and Content Generation: PR Approaches

AI and machine learning have implications for changes to come all throughout the telecommunications industry. 

AI can streamline some of the tasks around content production, such as adding real-time subtitles, translation, adding machine-learning-generated voiceovers, generating metadata, editing and monetization.

Applying AI to a broader database can result in new insights and statistical analysis. It can be trained to detect cybersecurity threats. It can also be integrated throughout workflow systems to detect and generate suggestions to increase organizational efficiency.  

While these services might have traditionally been enterprise solutions, they’re opening up to a direct consumer audience and to B2B packages that are pay-to-play, offering licensing deals that fit into the budgets of SMBs. 

Given this fact, many Telecomm innovators have a host of new potential customers. With an increasingly differentiated customer base, generalized messaging may not be as effective. 

PR focuses on planning for different user personas and test cases to target B2B opportunities across numerous verticals and generating leads in those areas.

Telecomm Solutions for Content Creators: PR Narratives

Many of the presenters at NAB have developed new products and services to meet the demand created by content creators and independent content-producing networks. 

Content creation continues to increase in popularity as a source of income. Meanwhile, the demand for fragmented, independent media shows no signs of slowing down. It can provide for popular programming while also suiting the many niche interests that network broadcasters can’t facilitate. 

These new customers/content creators are mostly small to medium-sized organizations and sometimes even independent creators who need studio gear, including high-quality broadcasting equipment and editing software, as well as content distribution and workflow solutions for broadcasting on multiple platforms. 

The rising demand for data also requires a robust 5g and cloud network to facilitate the bandwidth needed for high-resolution video downloads and streaming. The big Tcomm companies are providing this through their major networks. However, smaller organizations also provide it through cloud solutions intended to slow latency and sometimes even feed into a software and security apparatus.  

From a PR perspective, companies catering to this audience will benefit from well-placed media that outlines their tech, service and software carts as a plug-and-play ecosystem, solving the back-end challenges so that talented creators can focus on being creative and minimizing the liability of tech that doesn’t work. 

Video content and narratives about successful creators using Tcomm tech and the ease of onboarding new tech, along with its quality, durability, reliability and service attentiveness, essentially send a clear message that onboarding is a relatively painless experience. 

The association with successful content creators and networks essentially promises a value-add for a vibrant and successful creative who views your tech as a key component to their business operating smoothly.

Messaging can be expressed through various PR tactics, including press releases, story placement, branding and positioning management, social media management and many others.

Entrepreneurial Incubators in Large Tcomm Companies 

A number of the Telecommunications companies presenting at NAB have over 100,000 employees. Historically, companies of this size have difficulty innovating.

However, something about the telecom industry has led to its being inherently cutting-edge. 

This is partly due to large companies’ willingness to be open to ideas from anywhere, irrespective of hierarchy in the organization. In some cases, leadership may also often draw upon close relationships with small companies around the world to discover and solve their unique business issues.  

In many cases, large companies have built small, unique and innovative departments for entrepreneurial incubation and R&D that exist somewhat independently of their otherwise colossal infrastructure to pursue the best and newest ideas in the industry.

There are numerous examples of where this approach has yielded results, such as:

  • Robust, state-of-the-art communications networks for first responders that can be deployed via drone on short notice to disaster areas.
  • Systems for monitoring the storage temperature and drug schedule of sensitive pharmaceutical products and for urgent, situation-dependent drone delivery.
  • The integration of AI both internally for increased efficiency and in product suites for general network cybersecurity. 

In the context of these innovations, PR can focus intensely on exercising storytelling skills to distribute positive narratives in the media outlets that matter to the public and to key decision-makers seeking pre-packaged or custom Telecomm solutions. 

The job of PR also becomes easier when there are so many great innovations that make a positive impact on people’s lives. 

Many of these technologies have utility across multiple verticals. It is essential to find those who need them and initiate those relationships. 

Please reach out for more information about how we can help.


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