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How to Tell a More Engaging Brand Story

The art of storytelling has evolved into an instrumental tool for brands looking to win over their target audience, especially in today’s fiercely competitive marketing environment. Brands that are only advertising their product features and benefits are no longer meeting audiences’ high expectations. It takes a lot more. Instead, today’s consumers seek an emotional bond with the brands they support, which can be delivered through a well-crafted story.

A resonating story not only sparks interest, but also builds a devoted following of loyal supporters by incorporating elements of authenticity, purpose, and relatability. Brands that want to stand out and have an emotional yet lasting impact on their audiences must master the art of captivating a compelling story. Here are several techniques you can use to help get started on telling a more engaging brand story.

Get to Know Your Audience
The first step to crafting a compelling story is familiarizing yourself with your audience. Take a closer look at their hobbies, interests, needs, pain points, and aspirations. In the end, the only thing your audience wants is to feel heard and understood. You can achieve this by speaking their language, resonating with their emotions, and seeing the connection form. 

Stay Authentic
Within your story, you should be delving into what makes your brand what it is today. Every well-known brand has a backstory that is the foundation of its identity. Bring your audience back in time to the beginning of everything. No matter how big, small, interesting, or irrelevant you may feel your brand story origin may sound, let the authenticity speak for itself. It’s important to ensure your brand comes across as open and vulnerable, as both of these traits have a way of establishing strong and lasting relationships. This step goes hand in hand with the next one, which is to share the purpose and enthusiasm of your company’s overall mission. Make it obvious why your company exists beyond merely earning a profit, whether it’s protecting the environment or assisting local communities. No matter what kind of company you are, share its mission. Having a mission-driven storytelling ability is a powerful tool for cultivating customer loyalty.

Be Daring
Your brand should take chances and think outside of the box. Impactful brands are not scared to take risks or do things differently. Take chances and stand out from the crowd without fear. Think creatively, question conventions, and you will genuinely wow your audience. They’ll value the brave viewpoint you have to offer and remember your company for its risk-taking abilities.

Become Emotionally-Driven
The powers behind emotion are phenomenal. Create narratives within the story that make your audience cry, laugh, or feel nostalgic. Consider the times in your life when a brand’s narrative deeply affected you. Try encapsulating that feeling and experience in your brand’s story. The secret to winning over your audience’s hearts and keeping them loyal to your brand is something your brand can achieve with the help of emotions. 

Engagement is Key
Encourage your audience to converse with one another. Embrace the ability of social media and other platforms to generate debate within the comment section. Ask your audience questions and encourage them to share their own stories by engaging with them. User reviews and user-generated content are examples of credible storylines that support the reliability of your business.

Anticipate, Create, Captivate
Just remember to stay true to yourself. As you create your brand story, be mindful of your unique voice. Being original and authentic reigns supreme when crafting your narrative. Never try to mimic another brand’s style or force your brand’s voice into a mold that doesn’t suit it. Since your story represents who you and your brand are, let it shine uniquely. There is no one-size-fits-all method of telling a story, but with a splash of emotion, honesty, and bravery, your brand story will surely win over its target audience.

We can help tell your story —let us know when you’re ready to get started! 

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