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The Key to Campaign Success on TikTok

TikTok has completely changed the game, revolutionizing social interactions, entertainment, marketing strategies, and more. With its immense and passionately engaged user base, this innovative platform provides brands with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with audiences and effortlessly convert them into loyal customers. One powerful approach that has emerged is using creator-led campaigns, enabling brands to rise above the competition and leave a lasting impression. In this blog, we will dive into the captivating world of TikTok, exploring how brands can leverage the platform’s influential creators to make a profound impact on their target audience.

The rise of influencers and creators in the digital era has transformed the dynamics of fame and influence. While traditional influencers encompassed celebrities and public figures, the internet has democratized the landscape, allowing everyday individuals to gain notoriety through their content creation. On platforms like TikTok, creators hold a unique position, valued for their authenticity and ability to engage in a two-way dialogue with their audience. In contrast, influencers are often seen as polished and aspirational, offering a one-sided monologue. This distinction is crucial for brands, as TikTok’s creators have proven to be a driving force in inspiring consumer purchases. With one in three viewers reporting that they have bought products recommended by creators, businesses must understand how to collaborate effectively with these influential individuals.

Trust, authenticity, and participation are the core values that drive the behavior of TikTok users. Over 75% of viewers find creators’ videos believable, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. Moreover, the approachability of creators resonates with over 60% of viewers, reflecting a shift away from the untouchable image associated with traditional influencers. Participation is also a key aspect, with over 60% of viewers creating their own content after being inspired by a creator. By embracing these values and prioritizing entertainment and joy, brands can tap into the enormous potential for conversions on TikTok. The platform has become a hub for eCommerce, with over 60% of users engaging in eCommerce behaviors. Users no longer desire interruptive advertising; instead, they seek valuable and entertaining content that fosters connection and emotional experiences akin to the joy of shopping with friends and family.

TikTok’s commerce solutions offer brands the opportunity to provide shoppable entertainment, with live shopping emerging as a prominent trend. Live streams allow users to interact, ask questions, and view items in real time, enhancing the shopping experience. TikTok’s personalized nature plays a significant role in attracting users to the platform and drives their enjoyment of the shopping experience. The personalized discovery of new brands and products curated for each individual fosters excitement and engagement. As a result, 48% of users express interest in making purchases on TikTok, and 56% have discovered new brands and products through the platform.

Crafting tailor-made content for TikTok can significantly enhance its performance, capturing viewers’ attention and keeping them entertained. In fact, tailor-made TikTok videos have been found to increase average watch time by three seconds compared to non-tailored content. The engagement rate also sees a notable 3% boost when ads are customized for TikTok, indicating a stronger connection with the audience. Additionally, these videos elicit more powerful emotional responses, adding another layer of impact.

However, the benefits of tailor-made TikTok content extend beyond just optimizing performance on the platform itself. The priming effects that different channels have on one another can create an amplification effect. By creating platform-specific content, such as optimizing TV ads for television and TikTok ads for TikTok, advertisers experience a significant amplification of their overall campaign effectiveness. The diverse perspectives and unique characteristics of TikTok content not only enhance the impact of ads on the platform, but also contribute to the effectiveness of ads across other channels.

Keep reading to learn about the defining elements of TikTok content and how to create content that resonates with the TikTok community. By understanding the distinctive qualities that make TikTok powerful, you can harness its potential to maximize engagement, reach, and overall campaign success.

Your Checklist for Success

Vertical Format
Filming in a vertical format is of utmost importance when creating content for TikTok. As a platform primarily accessed through mobile devices, TikTok’s vertical orientation ensures its users a seamless and immersive viewing experience. Ads tailored specifically for the vertical format blend seamlessly with the organic content on TikTok, enhancing user engagement and overall ad performance. Unfortunately, there are still instances where ads designed for horizontal formats make their way onto TikTok, disrupting the flow and potentially diminishing the impact of the ad. Understanding and adhering to the importance of filming in a vertical format is essential to maximize the effectiveness of TikTok advertisements and deliver a seamless user experience.

Unpolished Style
Having an unpolished style on TikTok holds significant importance in capturing the essence of authenticity and entertaining the platform’s users. TikTok has cultivated a culture of embracing a low-fidelity aesthetic, which resonates with its audience. This unpolished style profoundly impacts various metrics throughout the advertising funnel. By maintaining a unique and distinct feel, TikTok ads can differentiate themselves from traditional advertising and avoid being perceived as purely commercial content. Users are quick to detect and potentially skip ads that feel overly polished or heavily focused on commercial intent. Therefore, aligning with the unpolished style that TikTok users are accustomed to becomes crucial, as it caters to their expectations and delivers the engaging content they actively seek on the platform.

Sound On
Creating videos and ads for TikTok that incorporate sound and planning for users to have their sound on is crucial for delivering an immersive and engaging experience. The immersive nature of TikTok is what attracts users and keeps them coming back for more. It’s important to note that 93% of TikTok users have their sound on by default, making sound an integral part of the platform’s experience. When an ad appears without sound, it disrupts the seamless flow of content and feels like an interruption to users. Sound adds another layer of engagement, contributing to the participatory entertainment that TikTok offers. By incorporating audio, videos become more sensorial and create a multi-dimensional experience that captivates users. Embracing the sound-on experience on TikTok allows brands to fully immerse users in their content and effectively communicate their message.

Tapping into Trends
Tapping into trends on TikTok is a powerful strategy to connect with the community, immerse yourself in the culture, and contribute to the platform’s dynamic environment. Jumping on trends helps increase average watch time, a crucial metric for ad success, and positions your content as fresh and exciting. By aligning with popular trends, you provide users with something new and unfamiliar within a familiar framework, driving their curiosity and engagement. Leveraging trends showcases your unique perspective and creative approach, inviting users to see how you interpret and contribute to the trend. This participation in the TikTok experience fosters a sense of connection with the community, positioning you as a part of the cultural fabric. Embrace the trends on TikTok to maximize your reach, impact, and resonance with the platform’s vibrant user base.

Leveraging the Creator Community
Leveraging the creator community on TikTok is a game-changer in driving the platform’s unique style and fostering authentic connections. With one in three users being inspired to make purchases based on creator recommendations, the creator community becomes a powerful engine for commerce. Collaborating with creators brings a down-to-earth, relatable touch to content, amplifying its impact and driving brand metrics. Content performs even better when tailored specifically by creators, boasting higher recall and a remarkable 91% higher six-second view-through rate. Partnering with creators provides brands with invaluable insights into what works for their audience and adds an element of realness to their messaging. While there’s no single formula for success, embracing the fundamentals of creativity and authenticity is key. Be genuine, tap into trends, and above all, have fun. By prioritizing entertainment and serving the TikTok audience, brands can create compelling ads and content that truly resonate.

TikTok has created unprecedented opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences and drive conversions. The platform’s commerce solutions, such as live shopping, provide shoppable entertainment and enhance the personalized discovery of new brands and products. Crafting tailor-made content for TikTok not only optimizes performance on the platform, but also amplifies the overall campaign effectiveness. By understanding and embracing the unique qualities of TikTok, brands can maximize engagement, reach, and campaign success. It’s essential to prioritize the vertical format, maintain an unpolished style, incorporate sound, tap into trends, and leverage the creator community to create compelling and resonant content that captivates the TikTok user base.

Ready to make an impact on TikTok and connect with your target audience? UPRAISE is ready to help you create engaging and authentic TikTok content that resonates. Contact us to start your TikTok journey and unleash the full potential of this dynamic platform for your business. Together, we can make a lasting impression on TikTok and drive meaningful results.

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