Curating Content: Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose


Curating Content: Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose 1

We’ve all been there. We’ve created a piece of content that could definitely be reused further down the road. But is it worth it?

According to Sumo, creating “great” content takes at least 20 to 45 hours. Imagine spending all that time on a piece of collateral for it to never be used again. It’s stressful, tough and 87% of marketing professionals are right there with you.

There’s only one way to put it… Creating engaging content is a struggle.

Once accomplished, it’s back to the grind. But what if there was a way to take the time between all this great content creation and use it to have content live a longer life? Why would you want to reuse content when you could, technically, create new, more recent content? Reusing content will allow it to live longer. You shouldn’t reuse a news article that was about a one and done event, however. That is unless you’re repurposing it in a way that would make sense for it to show up on a follower’s newsfeed.

When you adapt previously used content, it allows you to reach more people. This way, there’s a chance to bring more traffic to other outlets besides your twitter page including your website and blog.

What should you repurpose? Here are some ideas:


Many marketers spend a decent amount of time writing blogs – and while sometimes it can come naturally, we all know what it’s like to struggle through finishing a blog post. Make the most out of your blog and share it across multiple platforms, make it into a video (we love using Lumen!), and reshare it over the weeks, months, and years to come. Of course, this only pertains to evergreen content – it’s important that the reader can still get something from reading your post (even if it’s 3 years later).


Make a video of your takeaways. Whether you use still images and list takeaways in the copy or post or decide to narrate, using video will help engagement and increase views on your page and possibly website.


Quotes are great especially if they’re evergreen bits of wisdom. In making them vague (but substantial) you can reuse them multiple times across different channels. Plopping these quotes onto branded images is your next step. Branding the image with your logo is a great touch as it can help people remember where it came from and leaves a mark!


Infographics can be your secret weapon. Not only are they reusable, they give people what they want: STATS! There’s even a chance someone might use your (branded) infographic in a piece elsewhere driving even more traffic to your website.

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