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How To Quickly Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is a valuable tool that can connect you with existing and potential customers, and can help build strong brand awareness and engagement. It can unlock better communication and lead generation, but it requires building, maintaining and growing a strong email marketing list.

Getting back to basics, ensuring that you have a strong base for your email marketing list will be crucial in growing your audience down the line. While B2C email marketing might have a longer shelf-life with personal emails, B2B lists often grow stale quickly due to company changes and other factors. It may seem counterproductive toward growth, but regularly vetting and cleaning up your email marketing lists will ensure that your emails are reaching the correct audience. Occasionally sending an opt-in/opt-out campaign or a request for feedback to your list will allow insight on whether you still have that contact listed appropriately, and is an easy way to refresh your contact lists.

From there, growing your email list doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Here are a few suggestions on ways to quickly grow your email list using simple tricks that can be applied to practices you are probably already using:


If you’ve done your research and you are reaching your target audience with email marketing, there is a great chance that your reader will be interested in hearing more from your company.

Creating exclusive email content that is supplemental to the content on your website will create a call for people to subscribe to your emails in order to access the additional materials. An example of this might be to offer a members-only Q&A with a panel speaker following a public webinar. Additionally, adding an option to share or refer a colleague to this supplemental material opens the opportunity to capture additional eyes of other relevant readers.

For smaller campaigns or topics, offering your email list early access to event registration and public materials like blog posts encourages subscriptions without creating additional content. 

Social Media

While giveaways and contests are always a surefire way to increase email subscriptions, these contacts typically do not remain engaged with email content for long after the promotion ends. 

Similar to cross-promotion with your company website, social media is a valuable way to capture the attention of interested readers and encourage them to join your email list to learn more. Ensure that you are promoting your upcoming newsletters and email correspondence on social media, especially on LinkedIn, in order to tease information that will be included for subscribers. Additionally, be sure to include links to subscribe to your email list regularly on social media in posts, learn more buttons and bio links.

Partnerships and Events

Having industry partners is not only valuable for networking and collaboration, but also offers you the opportunity to expand your audience to include more people that already have a vested interest in companies that are close to you. 

While you might already create cross-promotional email content with partners specifically surrounding partnership activations, make sure to share other relevant company news and email correspondence with your industry partners that can be shared with their network with a referral back to you for more information.

Industry events and speaking opportunities also present the opportunity to reference your newsletter during presentations, on speaker bio pages, or via email correspondence with event attendees.  

Stay Connected

As marketers and communicators, we connect with hundreds of new contacts on a weekly basis. Adding a newsletter opt-in to your company email signature is a quick, efficient way to ensure that everyone you contact has the option to connect further with your company.

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