Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn Profiles


As a frequent LinkedIn user, I am always trying to improve my profile even when currently employed here at Upraise PR. That’s because it’s great to have an always updated digital “resume.”



But when updating your profile, you have to be careful not to make a common mistake of making your profile generic and not “you.” Everyone is unique and special so how is someone going to find you if you’re just like everyone else? Trying to stand out in a social platform over 400 million strong is easier said than done, but here are some words that you shouldn’t include (or if they’re already there, take out) from your profile:

–       Leadership

–       Motivated

–       Creative

–       Responsible

–       Passionate

–       Dedicated

–       Organizational

These are just a few words considered to “buzzy” to be on a profile. So what can you do to clean up and remove them from your profile?



1. Show, don’t tell. You should be able to show that you’re creative. Instead of saying you’ve demonstrated leadership, give examples about how your leadership skills gives you the upper hand on others.

2. Feature your work. Every buzzword used is a missed opportunity to show what you’re saying. While using the details about how skillful you are as leader, show pictures of events, for example. Add flair to your page and get rid of the generic jargon.



3. Share Relevant info. If you position yourself to be a professional in a given field, share said information from that field. Be and say who you are, otherwise remove it from your profile.

4. Connect. Like sharing relevant info, connect with people who are professionals in your field. It’s okay to connect with people aren’t like you at all (that’s fun), but you can learn a lot from connecting with a manager when you yourself are just starting out in the same field.



Still have buzzwords that you’re too attached to? Try using synonyms or similar phrases.

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