Digital Marketing

We see this a lot: to boost sales, a client will push out email marketing campaigns with an endless stream of discounts and promotions. They get some uplift, but is that the best long-term or even short-term strategy?

The opportunity digital marketing creates is to build activity both at the bottom of the funnel (to close sales) as well as at the top (to build brand awareness and interest). Top-of-funnel campaigns expand interest in your company, product and brand to build an ongoing stream of prospects. Periodic and strategic bottom-of-funnel campaigns can reel in those on-the-fence prospects and convert them.

We work with clients to achieve the optimal balance. As a certified HubSpot partner, we build highly creative and efficient campaigns, test new ideas and measure campaign success.

We work with clients to:

  • Develop creative, aggressive digital marketing strategies
  • Identify the optimal balance between building brand awareness and driving sales
  • Test and optimize call-to-action strategies
  • Analyze campaigns in-flight and adjust strategies accordingly
  • Set metrics at the program’s onset and complete post-campaign measurement

Digital Marketing