Media Relations

Did you ever wonder how that CEO scored a cover story in Wired? Great media coverage requires creative ideas, deep knowledge of your organization and market, understanding the likes and preferences of each editor, ongoing engagement and persistence.

Your UPRAISE team excels in all five areas. Tie that new pitch to an editor’s tweet about his vacation, sure! Serve up stats about a new market trend to help do the editor’s job for her, absolutely! Build a new angle to attract a wider pool of industry analysts to write about a new startup, you betcha!

UPRAISE’s media and influencer relations expertise includes:

  • Media and influencer strategy development
  • Proactive theme creation and influencer outreach
  • Media and spokesperson training
  • Crisis communications
  • Industry analyst relations
  • Rapid response initiatives
  • Editorial calendar pitching
  • Product reviews programs
  • Paid placement strategies and implementation

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