Social Media

“I post on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn regularly, so my work here is done, right?” We hear this all the time, and our answer is a resounding, “No!” The work is barely started!

Take a quick quiz: Which idea below can be part of a creative social media campaign?

  1. Survey your followers to get their opinions of that new product in your market
  2. Post on that new article that just appeared in TechCrunch with a link
  3. Conduct a teaser campaign to hint at that new product launch in two weeks
  4. Complement regular posting with a paid boosting and advertising campaign to build followers
  5. Execute a paid followers campaign to get those guys who follow your competitors’ products to follow yours
  6. All of the above

You get the idea, whether your organization sells B2B or B2C, effective social media keeps you front and center with your audiences with an immediacy unmatched by any other marketing activity.

UPRAISE helps clients with:

  • Developing the optimal posting frequency strategy
  • Creating social surveys and related social listening campaigns
  • Building ongoing campaigns to increase followers
  • Launching paid boosting and social advertising programs
  • Identifying metrics and measurement to maximize ROI

Social Media Strategy planning