Speaking, Awards & Listings

Speaking at the right conference, earning that coveted award or appearing #1 on that industry listing are great market validators. But there are issues …

An increasing number of speaking opportunities are “pay for play” and the cost can be steep. Many awards and listings are also paid, eroding or erasing entirely the value of the recognition.

We help clients navigate these challenges and identify the opportunities that will move their businesses forward. UPRAISE is connected with many conference managers and work with them to get your speaking submission on top of the pile, negotiate favorable rates and secure opportunities after deadlines have closed. We research each conference to ensure we’re speaking to the right audience and that other speakers represent organizations as prestigious as our client’s.

We also separate the wheat from the chaff among the seemingly endless number of awards and listings programs, and recommend a strategy that will achieve your business and marketing objectives.

Our speaking, awards and listings programs include:

  • Identifying the optimal speaking venues and awards and listings program to meet your needs
  • Creating the right strategy for each opportunity; e.g., for speaking, do we propose a solo presentation, participation on a panel, creating a panel, co-marketing with the association and more
  • Submitting your company, executives and products/services within relevant deadlines
  • Developing presentations, providing speaker training and organizing media meetings at the conference venue, to leverage the opportunity
  • Promoting presentations, awards and listing recognition via social, your website and in digital marketing campaigns