Strategy & Positioning

Are your marketing dollars unlimited? We didn’t think so. To get the most out of your budget, let’s get the strategy in place first.

Who are your key audiences today? Will these targets change in the next year? Three years? Who influences them? Where do they get their information?

How are you different and better than your competitors (because of course, you are)?

How should we integrate media relations, speaker placement, social media, digital marketing and other marketing levers to max out on ROI?

These are among the questions we’ll work with you to ask and answer. We’ll do a deep dive to learn the details of your business (and in many markets share what we know from working with other companies in your space), and translate that into a strategic plan that aligns with your organization’s marketing and business plans.

We’ll then work through exercises to develop clear, crisp, differentiating positioning and messaging, using approaches we’ve successfully applied for more than 200 companies.

UPRAISE’s strategy, positioning and messaging services include:

  1. Corporate strategy plan development
  2. Company and product launch plan creation
  3. Market presence analysis
  4. Marketing program integration
  5. Positioning statement creation
  6. Core message development
  7. Market testing of positioning and message statement with sample influencers

Business People Planning Strategy