Website/Graphic Design & Video

We once had a client with a very compelling retail point-of-sale service, designed to help retailers better engage with their customers. The marketing manager was eager to start an aggressive media relations campaign immediately. But a quick review of their website told a completely different story – one targeted to consumers, not retailers. Creating a new website that supported the retailer message was the first step to a winning media relations campaign.

We develop, reinvent and maintain websites, graphics and videos to tell an always-current, targeted, compelling and differentiating story. Today’s media and influencers often don’t have time to read, so an infographic that establishes key points in three seconds can be the difference between securing coverage and not. A video that highlights product features through an online demo helps ensure that product review on CNET is the best possible.

UPRAISE works with clients to create:

  • Website, graphics and video strategies that support business and marketing goals
  • Appealing, differentiating websites
  • Exciting, motivating graphics and infographics that encourage audiences to learn more
  • Videos that make it easy for prospects to learn how your products are better, highlight your CEO, introduce your company and more

targeted, compelling Website Graphic Design Video