How to Pitch Tech Reporters



How to Pitch Tech Reporters 1

Here at UPRAISE, we pride ourselves on our expertise in pitching tech reporters. With reporters receiving up to 40 pitches a day, it is crucial to craft a pitch that stands out from the rest.

Here are three tips for ensuring your pitch doesn’t get lost with the rest of them:

Be specific about who you are reaching out to

When building a media list, keep in mind that not all tech reporters are the same. Technology is a vastly broad industry, with reporters covering everything from consumer products to security platforms to industrial solutions. Be specific. If your client sells niche software solutions, don’t reach out to a TechCrunch reporter who covers mobile apps. You may as well be asking for your e-mail to be trashed! Research each reporters beats and their recent articles to understand what topics they cover. In addition, less is more. Don’t reach out to every person on an editorial team hoping for an answer. Find the right tech reporter.

Make it newsworthy

Every PR person should know the golden rule of PR pitching – make it newsworthy. The tech world is constantly churning out new products and solutions. With all this saturation in the market, PR pros have to find a way to make their clients story stand out from the rest. Why is it significant? Why should the reporter care? Research what current trends reporters are talking about and relate it to your client’s news. Regardless of the industry, making sure your pitch is relevant and timely may be the difference between a dud and a successful interaction with a reporter.

Get to the point

Writing a pitch is not dissimilar from writing a news article – the most important information should be in the first paragraph. You want to hook your reader as soon as possible. The same goes for pitching a tech reporter. Tell them why your client’s news is significant effectively and efficiently.

Brevity and layman’s terms are your best friends. Don’t assume that reporters want to know a detailed description of your very technical product, especially if it’s difficult to understand in writing. If they can’t comprehend it, what are the chances that a large number of readers can? Depending on the publication, reporters are writing for a general audience – pitch that way. Remember, less is more!

With a lot of practice and research, you’ll be on your way to landing coverage for your clients in the best tech publications. Have tips on reaching out to tech reporters? Let us know in the comments section below!

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