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5 Public Relations Lessons We Can Learn from Taylor Swift’s Breakup with Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift is known for many things, including her catchy songs, elaborate music videos and high-profile relationships. It recently came as a shock to anyone who followed her relationship of six years to British actor Joe Alwyn when ET reported the couple had split. While breakups are never easy, Swift’s handling of the situation provides some valuable public relations lessons. 

Here are five tips you can learn from Swift’s breakup with Alwyn:

1. Timing is everything

When it comes to public relations, timing is everything. Swift and Alwyn reportedly broke up just before she started her Eras Tour, but the news only became public once the tour had already commenced. In a PR 101 move, the news broke on the Friday before Easter, meaning people were occupied with holiday plans. It also was one of the longest breaks of her tour, as she had taken the weekend off. The timing allowed fans to learn the news, but not detract from her tour performance. If you have a piece of information that you know is going to generate attention, take the time to plan your strategy carefully.

2. Be in control of the narrative

In the age of social media and 24-hour news cycles, it’s easy for information to spread quickly and sometimes inaccurately. While Swift has not made an official statement, it’s clear her publicist, Tree Paine, went to publications they were friendly with to share the news. By taking control of the narrative, Swift didn’t wait for rumors to circulate or for the paparazzi to catch her in a vulnerable moment. Instead, she crafted multiple statements that were delicate and kind to her ex, and she took the blame for being the person who ended the relationship so pressure could be taken off her less famous ex.

3. Given them something else to talk about

If you’ve seen any candid shots of Swift lately, you’d almost think we’ve been transported back to 2015. She has been photographed several times out with friends since the breakup was announced, offering fans and curious onlookers something else to talk about.

4. Use social media wisely

Social media can be a powerful tool for public relations, but can also be a double-edged sword. Swift is known for using her social media sparingly, so it wasn’t surprising that she didn’t address the breakup directly. Instead, she has continued sharing photos and updates about her tour unrelated to her personal relationships. This has helped her maintain a sense of normalcy and showed that she was moving forward with her life.

5. Know when to step back

Finally, knowing when to step back from the spotlight is essential. After releasing her statement about the breakup, Swift didn’t do any interviews or make any public appearances related to the situation. Instead, she focused on her music and her other projects. This allowed her to maintain some privacy and avoid further speculation or scrutiny.

Swift’s breakup with Joe Alwyn provides some valuable public relations lessons. She handled the situation with grace and poise by being in control of her narrative, keeping it professional, using social media wisely, and knowing when to step back. These tips can be applied to any public relations situation, whether it’s the ending of a professional relationship or a product launch.

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