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Media Relations Lessons: Be More Like the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have just won their second Super Bowl in the past three years, solidifying themselves as a dominant force within the NFL. Leading the league in both passing yards and TikTok followers is no easy feat and showcases the Chiefs’ commitment to creativity and innovation both on and off the field. Let’s look at some ways you should be modeling your organization’s media relations strategy after the success of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Be Selective of Media Opportunities 

It can be tempting to want to take every media opportunity that comes your way, especially as a new or smaller business still in the early stages of growth, but media interactions can have a significant impact on a brand’s reputation, so your brand must be strategic and intentional about its media relations efforts. In the NFL draft, the Chiefs organization selects players they believe will positively highlight the team’s culture and mission while simultaneously bringing the team success on the field. Media opportunities should work the same way. By being selective in your brand’s media interactions, you can control the type of coverage it receives and ensure that the information communicated to the public aligns with your goals and values.

Maintain Consistent Communication

Before every down of offensive football during a Kansas City Chiefs game, Patrick Mahomes can be found at the center of the team huddle communicating his plans and goals for the next play. The team’s success is contingent on how effectively Mahomes communicates with his teammates. Keep the media updated similarly to how Mahomes keeps his offense in the loop. You can keep media contacts informed about your company or organization by sharing regular updates and news releases. Consistent communication can keep your business on the media’s radar and make it more likely that they will cover your story. Also, remember to respond to media inquiries promptly and professionally when contacted for information or an interview. Establish a designated person or team to handle media inquiries and ensure they have the necessary knowledge and resources to respond effectively.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Just as the Kansas City Chiefs build relationships with their fans through community outreach, media relations strategies aim to develop relationships with reporters, journalists and other media professionals. Establishing your brand’s trust and credibility can improve your chances of receiving positive media coverage. One way of doing this involves personalizing your outreach. Once you have identified relevant reporters or outlets, take the time to personalize your outreach by addressing reporters by name or referencing previous stories they have written and explaining why your story is relevant to their audience. Following up with journalists after publishing a piece can help strengthen your relationship and pave the way for future coverage. Send a brief thank you note or email and offer to be a resource for future stories — similar to when Mahomes rushes in for the post-touchdown celebrational hug with teammates Ju-Ju Smith Schuester and Skyy Moore after snagging a score in the endzone. 

Highlight Your Strengths

The Kansas City Chiefs have become known for their high-powered offense, led by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Similarly, media relations strategies should aim to highlight an organization’s strengths and unique selling points. Showcase innovative products or services, highlight successful partnerships or collaborations or share compelling success stories. It also always helps to provide supporting data. Using data and statistics supports your organization’s key messages and demonstrates the impact of your products or services. Insightful, relevant data in press releases or pitches captures the attention of reporters and provides them with newsworthy information. 

Adapt to Change

The Kansas City Chiefs have had to adapt to changing circumstances and overcome unexpected obstacles, such as injuries to key players — we saw this with Mahomes’ high ankle sprain during the divisional face-off against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Staying flexible, Mahomes finished the game bringing his team to victory and even managed to do it again after reinjuring himself during the Super Bowl. Being as flexible as Mahomes means staying open and responsive to new developments. Organizations should be prepared to pivot quickly in response to changing circumstances and adjust their messaging and media outreach as needed.

While we can’t all win the Super Bowl like the Chiefs, we can earn a victory on the PR playing field with an innovative and adaptable media relations strategy. Contact us to learn how UPRAISE can help you grow and manage your brand today.

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