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Making the Most Out of Your Earned Media Coverage

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Whether it’s an article or review, earned media coverage can go a lot further than you think. It’s important to repurpose this coverage in multiple ways to get the most out of your hard work! Here are some ways to start:

Social Media

The most common way to bring attention to your coverage is through your social channels! Whether it’s resharing from the publication directly or pulling a customer’s quote, it reaches followers who are already invested in your company. It also reinforces any positive connotations your followers, or curious ones, might already have! If you have Stories Highlights on your Instagram, add your earned media coverage there so it can be seen by anyone at any time. Another way to boost coverage is encouraging employees to share it, this way it reaches a variety of different audiences. 


If your website has a page dedicated to media coverage, make sure you’ve included any recent articles! Some publications have rules about reposting on your website, so be sure of how you can promote it — sometimes just a couple of words and a link is all you need. Now anytime someone visits your website, they’ll be able to see all major coverage in one place. Another idea is if you launched a product or service, write a blog detailing that experience and include what people are saying so far! Quite similarly, add any reviews/testimonials left on Yelp, social media, or from clients to your website. Any free, optimistic reviews about the company is beneficial and should be taken advantage of.


One great thing about including coverage through newsletters is that you can see who clicked on your link through your distribution service. With the options we mentioned above, timeliness is key, but with a newsletter, you can include coverage at the end of the week or even a month later! 

Award and Speaker Nominations

Earning media coverage gives you credibility as a person or brand, which is one of the key qualities sought for in awards and speaker nominations. Keep track of all the media you’ve accumulated and this can later be submitted as one cohesive piece of supplemental material for awards. If you work closely with clients, having them offer kind words can boost your chances of getting picked as a speaker, influencer or leader in your field!

Sales and Business Presentations

Potential investors or customers? Offering opinions from different sources is extremely valuable to them. Showing the traction you’re gaining in popular media, or online in general, says a lot about your growth and ability to gain interest from others.

Don’t forget to thank anyone who takes their time to boost your brand. Common courtesy goes a long way so give appreciation to reporters, customers, clients, etc.!

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