Last Minute RSA Conference Preparations: It’s Possible

By Tim Johnson

RSA Conference will be upon us in just two weeks. If you’re exhibiting, your booth should be done and shipping soon, you’re finalizing your demos, prepping your team and lots more. If you’re not exhibiting, you’re finalizing your meeting schedule, halast minute RSA conference preparationsve your venue selected, and are getting your presentations put to bed.

But what if you’re late to the game and everything isn’t put to bed? While there are always myriad details to consider when last minute situations arise, here are a few ideas based on our past experience at UPRAISE. If you have a situation you’d like to discuss, we’re here to help.

Last Minute RSA Conference Planning

If you have an announcement that popped up at the last minute, there are still options. Think about distributing a press release this week, so coverage will appear later this week and next week. Yes, it will be a scramble and far from ideal, but the coverage will help drive traffic to your booth.

If your meetings didn’t come together until the last minute and you don’t have a meeting room at RSA, you still have options. Many restaurants have private meetings rooms available for rent. There are many high-quality hotels in the area and you can always find a corner in their lobby or have a meal in one of their restaurants. Lastly, UPRAISE’s amazing offices are less than 10 minutes from the Moscone Center and our well-appointed conference room is available for rent. For more information, let us know!

How to Increase Booth Traffic at RSA Conference

Are you worried about booth traffic? An aggressive social media campaign tied to an offer can help. The more relevant the offer is to your company’s solution and messaging, the better. Also consider:

  • Scheduling demos at regular intervals
  • Serve as a charging station for attendees’ devices
  • Offer free food

As an aside, I once attended a trade show in the late March timeframe, walking the floor to gather intelligence for a new client. I saw at the end of one aisle a huge group of people and lots of cheering. It was an HP booth and they had set up two screens with March Madness games on. I’m not sure how much HP equipment they sold, but the booth traffic was off the charts!

Need help with last-minute preparations? Or just quiet meeting space?

These tips just scratch the surface of ideas to boost your success at RSA with last minute campaigns. If you’re interested in squeezing every possible benefit out of RSA, let’s talk!

Reach out if you need help with last-minute announcement preparations, securing media/analyst meetings or if you need a quiet place to meet. We can help will all of that.


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