3 Simple Ways to Boost Your SEO Strategy

By Claire Nelson


3 Simple Ways to Boost Your SEO Strategy 1

SEO is a complicated topic that few marketers completely understand. Included in the average SEO strategy are activities such as backlinks, listings, PPC, link building, keywords – and that’s just the start of it. For organizations that don’t have the resources to hire an SEO expert, we’ve put together a quick list of easy tactics that will help increase your rankings!

1. Test your page speed.

Page speed is very important when it comes to SEO strategy. Not only is it a ranking signal for search engines like Google, it also can have a huge impact on user experience (UX). Making your user wait even just a few seconds to access what they’re looking for can increase bounce rates and also decrease conversion rates. It’s also important to note that mobile site speed and desktop site speed can be different.

Here’s a tool to test your desktop site speed.

Here’s a tool to test your mobile site speed.

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2. Check for duplicate content.

While duplicate content doesn’t necessarily result in a penalty from Google or other search engines, trying to determine what content is correct or most valid can affect search results. Even if both pieces of content are reputable, Google will have a hard time deciding which piece is more relevant for a certain search query.

Tools like Siteliner are great for scanning for duplicate content, broken links, and more.

3. Optimize meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions live on the back end of your site and are short sentences that describe your page’s content. When searching for something on Google, these descriptions show up in the search results under the page title. These descriptions should not only include a keyword that is relevant to that page’s content but also should grab the searcher’s attention. These descriptions are what lead someone to click on one search result versus another.

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While there are many pieces to the SEO puzzle, these are a few quick, easy fixes. Every website and company is different and has different needs and requirements when it comes to creating an SEO strategy.

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