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Social Media Management

UPRAISE develops creative and effective social media campaigns designed to support companies’ lead generation efforts as well as build brand awareness. Companies in all industries need sophisticated social media strategy and execution to win in today’s hypercompetitive markets. 

We work with companies ranging from startups to mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 to develop earned and paid social media campaigns that meet their goals.  Whether it’s a new company and product launch, a financing event, an internal communications campaign or something else, UPRAISE is here to provide a customized set of recommendations, combined with creative implementation. For two decades, for companies ranging from consumer and B2B tech, to financial services, non-profit, consumer products and more,  UPRAISE Marketing + Public Relations has created social media programs designed to support brand awareness and lead generation campaigns through the development of eye-catching, creative and often fun campaigns.

Because UPRAISE offers a complete range of marketing services, we are able to easily integrate our website design, graphic design and video work with other activities we are managing.  Many clients start out with a social media project first and then add other services such as media relations, content development and speaker placement later. Other clients start with media relations and/or other activities first and then request social media campaigns later.  We also “fill in” for clients’ internal design teams when they are unavailable or need extra bandwidth on an ongoing basis.

Another major contribution UPRAISE brings its clients is integration of all marketing activities into a highly-effective, well-oiled program. In addition to managing our own team, we can manage our clients’ marketing teams to optimize the flow of information, ensure all facets of a product launch (for example) are in place (press release, website content, blog, social media posts, email marketing programs, and more) and that the strategy created will deliver maximum impact.

If you’re looking for a public relations firm and want to inject a new level of Smart, Savvy, Scrappy into your social media give us a call at (415) 397-7600, email us at info@upraisepr.com.

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Creating an aggressive, creative marketing strategy prior to implementing advertising, media relations and other tactics is critical to ensure campaigns are integrated and focused on the goal of maximizing revenue and market share. For 20 years, UPRAISE has worked...

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Custom Website Design

Companies in all industries need creative, eye-catching website design, graphic design and video to attract and excite new customers.  This has never been more true than in today’s hypercompetitive markets.  For two decades, for companies ranging from consumer and B2B...

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