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Social Media Lessons: Be More Like Crumbl Cookies

Today, there isn’t a consumer-facing brand that wouldn’t consider social media an essential marketing strategy. Some brands are certainly better at capturing an audience’s attention than others. One of the leaders in social media marketing is Crumbl Cookies, a five-year-old store chain that offers freshly baked and home-delivered cookies at the click of a button. It’s already the sixth most downloaded food and drinks app in the Apple App store, a not insignificant feat when you consider the fact it only supplies such a niche offering.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from Crumbl Cookies, particularly from their social media. Some of the main social media lessons we believe make them stand out from a crowd include:

Visuals Are Key 

One of the worst things about watching The Food Network is that you can’t taste or smell the delicious food on the screen without a fair bit of effort. Going to the grocery store, buying all the ingredients, following a time-consuming recipe, and then hoping and praying your result looks like the professional chef’s food is rarely the result. Crumbl Cookies removes all of the above steps. To quote Ariana Grande, “I want it [the visually appealing cookie], I got it [with the click of the button on the Crumbl Cookie app].” 

Every brand may not have delicious cookies to sell, but high-quality, appealing visuals are now the rule for brands that want to be taken seriously on social media.

Digital First

Crumbl’s entire business model is based on digital offerings. Social media and its app are at the center of its marketing strategy and are significant investments for the brand. 

Having seamless digital experiences, whether it be contacting customer service on social media and receiving a speedy response or going to order a product through a website or app, everything needs to be seamless. Just one bump and a brand could lose a customer permanently.

Create Hype

Crumbl’s approach to offering flavors is unlike any other food brand. Its menu changes weekly, with new flavors dropping on social media at 6 p.m. every Sunday. The anticipation created by the weekly flavor drops is akin to what Nike does with limited edition sneakers drops. Create urgency that that week’s flavors will sell out, so you better order them while you can. 

Crumbl’s hype strategy works and is something every brand should consider when posting content on social media.

Managing social media is a full-time job. Crumbl Cookies has a separate manager for each of its social media platforms. Not every company can afford such a thing, which is where UPRAISE comes in. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow and manage your social media accounts like Crumbl Cookies.


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