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How to Stand Out on Social Media in 2023

It’s absolutely essential to include social media in your comprehensive communications and marketing plans. Your online presence, both via social media and the company website, is a direct connection to current and potential customers, important company stakeholders and more.

In 2022, we saw that while consumers are spending more time on social media than ever before, the explosive increase has resulted in most online content being lost in the noise. A recent Meltwater study found that more than 50% of the world’s population spent at least 2.5 hours a day on social media, with the average user having more than eight social media accounts. Of that time spent, Meltwater reports that the average attention span per social media post is only 1.7 seconds.

Here are four guiding principles for standing out on social media this year and capturing consumers’ attention when it matters most. Let’s make those 1.7 seconds count! 

Post With Purpose
Social media users today are always looking for purpose within the content they consume. Here are some ways to add more meaning to your posts, with tried and true examples from UPRAISE:

  • Reward: Promote loyalty programs or discounts for social media users to create more traffic to your website
  • Help: Offer help and service, and answer questions from followers about how to use your product
  • Entertain: This is self-explanatory!
  • Inspire: Give inspiration on how to use your product in unique ways
  • Inform: Post new product information, upcoming events and key media coverage about your company
  • Educate: Share updates, interesting articles, webinars and podcasts from other thought leaders and enterprises in your industry

Ensuring your content has purpose will drive more traffic to your website, lead to more conversions and give other customers a reason to follow your socials.

Engage Employees
Designate someone within your company to ensure employees engage with company pages. Employee engagement can look like sharing company events they’re involved in, resharing branded company posts or sharing their own thoughts and tagging the company.

When you account for how far reach can expand when you engage your team, you’ll find that employee-generated content beats branded content by a distance.

Serialize Your Story
In a time where we can watch an entire television series in one sitting (without commercials!), consumers are also binging elsewhere. Episodic content has taken over social media. Creating a series of related posts on your social media platforms encourages users to continue returning to your page.

Expedia recently completed a “7 Days of Giveaways” series on their Instagram page which is a great example of this!

Keep Measurement In Mind
Although awareness and engagement are top marketing goals for most companies, there are many approaches to measuring social media success. Establish metrics that matter to your company and its goals.

Also, keep in mind that engagement should be measured differently on different types of posts. For example, while the number of views might be the most important measurement for a TikTok you posted, you might instead measure a carousel post on Facebook or Instagram based on how many users made it to the last slide.

Remember these tips this year as you draft your social media content to ensure your posts get noticed! And, as always, UPRAISE is here to help! Contact us today to learn how we can create a social media presence that works for your brand.

How to Stand Out on Social Media in 2023

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