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4 Simple Reasons Why Influencers and Brands Make Successful Pairs

Becoming an “Instagram famous” public figure is glamorous and coveted, and no one has quite figured out the algorithm that launches these individuals to astronomical success. Social media influencers tend to be bloggers or business owners who evolve into lifestyle icons in their respective communities....

5 Marketing Lessons from Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster

I’m heading into 2019 with a lot of exciting changes: I started a marketing internship at UPRAISE in the beautiful city of San Francisco, I’ll be moving into a new apartment in August, and I started watching the fitness obstacle course show “Ultimate Beastmaster” on...

Don’t Let Visual Media Make or Break your Brand Image

The idiom, “A picture is worth a thousand words” has become especially relevant today. Over the past several years, individuals and brands alike have discovered the power of visual media when it comes to increasing engagement and drawing more viewers to their content. According to...