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Maintaining Great Company Culture While Working From Home

Company culture is a highly regarded attribute for most job seekers, and for employers it's an important point of differentiation. Company culture encapsulates core values, work-life balance, and carries out an important function of avoiding burnout and excess stress.  Even though many cities are beginning to...

Tips for Refreshing Your Internal Communications

Mastering your company’s internal communication is incredibly important as it leads to optimum employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. However, internal communication does come with its own challenges, and done incorrectly can damage company reputation. Below are our tips for mastering internal communications to put your...

Putting the “Fun” in “Fun Event”

We're not a regular public relations agency, we're a fun public relations agency.  One of the quotes often heard in the office is “we work hard and play hard in the Bay Area.” Each quarter we take a break from pitching media, redesigning websites, and drafting social...

How to Reclaim Productivity in Your Meetings

Meetings. Those blocks of time intended for collaboration with teammates, providing updates on tasks and divining clarity on last-minute questions, but instead become timesheet approved opportunities to zone out. If not led properly, meetings have the ability to be the number one detractor to workplace productivity. One...

Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn Profiles

As a frequent LinkedIn user, I am always trying to improve my profile even when currently employed here at Upraise PR. That’s because it’s great to have an always updated digital “resume.”   But when updating your profile, you have to be careful not to make a...

4 Reasons You Should Work For a Small Agency

In San Francisco, giant tech companies like Google or Facebook lure optimistic graduates every day. But working for a behemoth company might not be the best career path for everyone. Small companies boast many benefits. Small agencies are like tiny incubators that nurture and grow...