4 Hard Truths of Social Media Marketing


Nothing in life comes easy. The same can be said for social media marketing. Whether you’re trying to increase engagement on a budget or make something go “viral,” it’s hard to come to terms that there isn’t a “right” or “best” way to do this. Here are four hard truths. I hope you’re sitting down:

4 Hard Truths of Social Media Marketing 1

Social media marketing isn’t free

Luckily, setting up a business’ suite of social media accounts is free. We can flesh out every facet of an organization with very little worry that it’ll cost us a penny.

Though, there is still a price to pay, just not monetarily. Building and customizing a business’ social media presence can’t be completed overnight; it takes time. And remember, time does equal money, are we right?

4 Hard Truths of Social Media Marketing 2

Predictable Success? Nope

Sorry to burst any bubbles, but if someone says that success can be predicted obviously has never spent much time with social media. Though we can dream there is one “right” way, because every business is different and unique, the strategy to reaching “success,” whatever that might be (high engagement, celebrity retweet, etc.), isn’t written in some manual.

Adding insult to injury, social media is always changing with new updates to analytics and how engagement is tracked, to name a few. Predictability of success has never been lower. But never give up!

4 Hard Truths of Social Media Marketing 3


Which leads me to my next truth – adapt or “die.” Almost every day, social media platform giants introduce new features and trends.  For those who are up for the challenge (and want to keep the job), strap in, because it can be exhausting keeping up.

Some of us crave a challenge; luckily with new changes coming on a daily basis, you’ve picked the right career path. Who needs routine, am I right?

4 Hard Truths of Social Media Marketing 4

More followers, more ROI

Want to see results? Have more likes and followers. I know, it’s tough when you don’t have many engagers – remember social media isn’t free and it takes time. When you do have a large amount of followers, that juicy bit of content will net tons of love and return of investment.

Until then, your ROI will be nothing special and sometimes bad. All brands start somewhere – It’s okay, started from the bottom and, well you know the rest.

It stinks hearing that there isn’t a definite way to reach success on social media, but fret not. Social media marketing still to this day is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get your brand to the masses. Whether you’re just starting or already have a crowd behind you, social media should be a part of your organization’s strategy, you just need to understand it’s limitations and advantages.

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