Using Visuals to Tell Your Brand’s Story

By Valeria Carrillo


To tell a good story, it usually involves the five senses. But when it comes to digital marketing, it’s hard to relay touch, taste, and smell so sight and sound have to dominate. When done well, it captures people’s attention and tricks the other senses to believe it’s there.

One brand that does a great job at telling stories through visuals is Airbnb. If you take one look at their Instagram, it’ll feel like you’re traveling around the world — and that’s the goal isn’t it? All it takes is a few pictures from hosts around the world showing places that entice people like the forest, ocean, a cute cottage, or a unique find like a treehouse! Each place has it’s own character that’s highlighted in each picture. Recently, they’ve been advertising Airbnb Experiences so not only are they selling a place, but a whole adventure planned out for you. What’s key about this marketing is the use of video to capture snippets of the experience. Making you feel like you’re almost there, but all that separates you from that is a few clicks.


It doesn’t just have to be photography — dive into graphic design and your story can come to life! Take a look at Chobani’s Instagram and you’ll find yourself in a colorful world of dairy. Who would have thought that yogurt could be so whimsical? Not only are their social posts aesthetically pleasing, but the packaging itself is enough to tell a story. Don’t be afraid to experiment with tools like Canva or EDIT, you’ll never know what you could end up making. 


It’s important to stay pretty consistent in your visuals, veering off your brand’s aesthetic could clash with the previous one and even cause confusion for consumers. Brainstorm and determine what aesthetic you’re going for and stick to that criteria. Remember to mix it up and shoot videos, take photos, or create art — there’s so many mediums to choose from to just stick to one! 

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