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SF Small Business Week: Celebrating Our Favorite Small Businesses

This week is San Francisco Small Business Week! With more than 85,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs in the city alone, our team is constantly supporting (and celebrating) small businesses. Whether it be the niche market or family-owned feel, SF's small businesses keep our community together and...

content creation

3 Tips for a Successful Conference

When putting together a public relations strategy for a conference event or industry trade show, there are a myriad of factors to account for to ensure ultimate success. Attendees (and their employers) want to make sure the event is worth their time and investment, so as...

5 Digital Marketing Tools for Social Media Pros

Handling social media seems easy at first, but in the long run, the challenge of keeping it interesting and “fresh” can prove difficult. Is engagement dropping because you’re using the same font in all of your images with quotes? Are followers getting tired of the...

Let’s Get Personal – Leveraging Your LinkedIn Presence

There was a time when a staple on everyone’s desk was – er, no, not staples, but we had those, too – the Rolodex. The Rolodex was where one kept the important business cards and other contact information accumulated in the course of business. The Rolodex...

Curating Content: Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose

We’ve all been there. We’ve created a piece of content that could definitely be reused further down the road. But is it worth it? According to Sumo, creating “great” content takes at least 20 to 45 hours. Imagine spending all that time on a piece of...

How to Reclaim Productivity in Your Meetings

Meetings. Those blocks of time intended for collaboration with teammates, providing updates on tasks and divining clarity on last-minute questions, but instead become timesheet approved opportunities to zone out. If not led properly, meetings have the ability to be the number one detractor to workplace productivity. One...

4 Things to Avoid in Your Writing 1

4 Things to Avoid in Your Writing

The written (and spoken) word is incredibly powerful. Great writing has been used throughout human existence to engage others, spark motivation, create support, argue for equality, instill confidence and countless other endeavors. As savvy marketers, we know the power of great writing; from a provocative...

4 Tips to Hone Your Writing Skills

Persuasive writing is an art form, and as PR professionals, it’s one we practice on a daily basis. Not being able to articulate a client’s message in a clear, cohesive manner that resonates with how it needs to with each intended audience could be quite...

Don’t Let Visual Media Make or Break your Brand Image

The idiom, “A picture is worth a thousand words” has become especially relevant today. Over the past several years, individuals and brands alike have discovered the power of visual media when it comes to increasing engagement and drawing more viewers to their content. According to...

3 Metrics to Evaluate Marketing Efforts

As we quickly approach the end of the year, most marketing and PR specialists are in review mode, taking the time to analyze what worked and what didn’t work for their brands over the course of 2016. As every good marketer knows, the evaluation aspect of...